Broadside No.5

Posted: February 24, 2011 in madison, notmywisconsin, phone bank, protest, sb11, scott walker, wisconsin, wiunion

Broadside No. 5 (download for print, CMYK, 11×17 PDF 705 KB)

  1. Louise Latterell says:

    LOVE IT – they are beautiful

    How about using old school brown/yellow writing paper they use in grade school to teach cursive/printing, the kind with a dotted line in the middle, as a back drop

    Then use Palmer school cursive (or handlettered kid print) to write the slogan — Workers rights are civil rights. “Mommies need to work. Preserve FMLA for Wisconsin workers.”

    defend wisconsin (taa) has some talking points you could riff off

    also, how about some that are black and white so they are easy to print on a laser at home without so much ink; especially if you can riff off the prank call text where Gov Walker refers to the blue collared worker types and also says that the protestors are not from Wisconsin; How about some kind of I am Wisconsin imagery/poster — tax paying wisconsinite who supports workers rights

  2. Mario says:


    Are you still taking suggestions? I vote for a Solidarity broadside.

    Especially when coupled with the laser-printer-able suggestion above–a simple image that can easily be printed or photocopied for people to put in their windows, on their cars, in their break rooms/offices/cubicles, etc..

    You’re amazing!

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