Flyer No.1

Posted: February 25, 2011 in democracy, easy printing, flyer, labor rights, notmywisconsin, wiunion

Flyer No. 1 (download for print, CMYK, 8.5×11 PDF 168 KB)

For easy printing at home!

  1. Louise Latterell says:

    Nice one. Bold graphics/nice grey scale. The only thing holding me back is the fist. It is the traditional image, but having listened to talk radio today (as part of my research on the opposition, they were spending an entire hour on the teacher who held a sign declaring she was Scott Walker’s son’s teacher; they claim that the text, “I teach him, I protect him….” and they were ratcheting up the violence rhetoric claiming that the “I protect him” was a veiled threat by the teacher; then they were ginning up all the violence that might happen “rioting”, etc
    What about a peace sign two-finger salute instead?

  2. Louise Latterell says:

    this would be great on a tshirt

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